Make Security Our Own Responsibility Again

Whose Responsibility is Security?

As we get flooded by the corrupted mainstream news cycle with imagery of protests, rioting, and police violence, it is often difficult for most to wade through the agenda driven narratives and take these issues to their logical conclusions. On one side, you have a group calling for the defunding and abolishment of police with seemingly no solution, while on the other, you have calls for more power and funding being given to police departments as a “solution.” In either case, we can trace the root of the problem to society passing off the responsibility of their own security to the government and its enforcers who maintain a monopoly on law and force.

Through this gradual passing of responsibility, the government has manipulated the people into believing that government is there for our ‘safety’ and ‘protection,’ which has changed the mindset of the masses to not consider their own security to be their responsibility. “We pay taxes, so they’ll protect us, right?” Wrong; the Supreme Court ruled in 1981 in Warren v. DC, which has been reaffirmed in several subsequent federal court rulings, that police have no duty to protect us and that their job is to enforce the law. That was the point in which the US government confirmed and broadcasted to the American people that police are not here for us and the “to serve and protect” written on their cars is nothing more than marketing. [1]

“But the law is there to protect us, right?” There are tens of thousands of laws on the books written by corrupt politicians to generate revenue and achieve their equally corrupt agendas. Does our society really need that many laws to tell us that it is wrong to hurt people and break or take their stuff? According to several studies, one by the New York Times and one by the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, approximately 3% of the daily time of the average police officer is spent responding to violent crime–which is only 1% of calls for service as violent crime tends to require more time per incident. In addition to violent crime, police spend an average of 15% of their time responding to property crime, with about 5% being used to respond to traffic accidents, accounting for 50% of their time doing paperwork (which time within is probably proportional to the crimes they are reporting on), that leaves 27% of their time–a significant majority of their actual in field time–spent proactively extorting citizens for victimless “crimes.” As a result, the US has the largest prison population in the world, approximately half of which incarcerated for victimless “crimes.” The law is not here for us or to represent us. [2, 3]

So, who is responsible for our security? The individual and the individual alone is responsible for their own security; police work for a corrupt system that does not work for us. In fact, the biggest threat to the security of most of us is the entity that claims responsibility for providing it to us. Even America’s framers recognized that security was the responsibility of the individual, which is the basis of the Second Amendment in the first place.

The False Dichotomy

In a clear effort to try to con the masses into accepting the abuses of police in exchange for the façade of security, the state–and its supporters–have painted a false dichotomy: we wither get violent state enforcers or total chaos. In fact, Police Departments in problem areas have leveraged–likely even instigated–recent BLM protests turned riots to force the communities to feel the pain while also arresting mostly those who protect themselves or their businesses, not those attacking them. This is what seems like a mafia protection racket to get communities to beg for more policing while preventing them from implementing their own solutions.

The residents of the United States are essentially stuck between two warring factions, the violent oppressive state and a leftist uprising who seeks to replace the current government with their own, and we all know how that ends up: reference Cambodia, Vietnam, Venezuela, China, USSR, North Korea, Cuba, and every other leftist regime that quickly shifted into the fascio-communist paradigm leading to the democide of millions. The answer to all three–the police problem, the rioting, and leftist uprising–is making security our own responsibility again.

The Solution

Being cognizant of the false dichotomy is the first step to taking responsibility for your own security, but what are the other options? This is where the free market comes into play. Ultimately, the entire justice system needs to be replaced. This blog post focuses on the enforcement level of the system but recognize that the entire system is the problem; from the laws, to the corrupt lawmakers, to the courts, to the Police Unions, to the internal investigators, and to the enforcers themselves. When there is a monopoly, there is no incentive to improve major problems or work outside of the best interests of that monopoly. The real solution is to eliminate that monopoly which takes away power to abuse and ensures the accountability of abusers.

First, we can arm up and defend ourselves and our livelihoods. This is taking ultimate responsibility for your own security. When discussing this topic, I am regularly confronted with arguments suggesting “we aren’t trained for that, police are.” This is true, many are not physically or mentally capable of providing this level of security for themselves; this method is not for everyone.

Option two, especially in less affluent areas where individuals may be limited on funds and resources, communities can pool and form their own voluntary security organizations. This idea expands cooperation among members of the community and allows for a more effective defensive force to be employed if necessary. Issues still may arise in terms of training and participation; however, as human civilization has proven, demand drives supply and new market opportunities will arise for training community security teams.

The third option, and the most effective solution, would be to hire private rights enforcement firms, similar to insurance, to both provide protection and represent you within disputes or conflicts. These firms would exist within a free market with essentially unlimited opportunity for competition, to ensure their accountability to their customers and quell corruption and abuses. I highly recommend reading the book, Machinery of Freedom, by David D. Friedman, for much more granular details of the functionality of this type of system. [4]

The argument, “we all can’t afford that,” is often made. This identifies the place for several other solutions; less affluent communities or groups can pool their resources and jointly purchase security coverage, or they can form voluntary mutual aid societies. Mutual aid societies did an excellent job taking care of the poor and sick in the past before government sought control through dependency by blocking out private solutions with this disastrous welfare state. If there is one thing government has shown us repeatedly, it is that we are not allowed to solve problems without them, but I digress.

Establishing a fully free market system would include replacing courts with private third party arbitration firms, which both sides of a dispute or conflict must agree on, which will ensure objectivity of the arbitrator with contractual obligations related to the outcomes of the ruling. Once again, I recommend checking out Machinery of Freedom; in fact, here is even a very nicely illustrated summary to help with understanding the foundations and gauge interest in reading the book for the more functional explanations and figures.

Make Security Our Own Responsibility Again

As we see constant violence in the media, it becomes apparent that those who claim to protect us are not doing so. We watch businesses, people’s livelihoods, get burnt to the ground for no reason other than to create chaos in our communities. Police are nowhere to be found, they are not here to protect our businesses, our livelihoods, or our communities. On both sides of the coin, when we finally take responsibility for our own security again, police abuses will go away because government enforcers will no longer be necessary and the violence and damage caused by rioting will be significantly reduced as the idea will ensure instant repercussions for those who violate the rights of others.

Thanks for reading and sharing,

The Troubled Free Thinker


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