Quick Rant: The President Lying

This is just a quick vent with regards to the left huffing and puffing over the President's use of "alternative facts." This is all while completely ignoring the last 8 years of one of the most opaque administrations in the history of the United States. The problem is they ALL lie, ALL media outlets, ALL politicians, everyone of "authority," so people have become conditioned and complacent with the deceit. Don't forget the intellectual lethargy that naturally leads to people taking everything at surface value, instead of doing the harder work needed to dig deeper in order to actually find out the truth. We as humans naturally want the easy route, even when it comes to thinking. It is an inherent laziness, that even occupies very intelligent people, which is why so many rely on their "trusted" media to tell them how and what to think about things. It is just the big red easy button, even though that easy button is not the truth or manipulated truth, people would still prefer to push it to feed their bias or their comfort, as it is uncomfortable to challenge ones thought. This is decades of conditioning and did not begin at Donald Trump, he is just continuing down the same manipulative path that all people in "power" take, he is just getting more attention do to the massive division and media bias. No ruler is honest, which is why we need the power back to hold rulers accountable. Just my $0.02, even if that is all it is worth. Thanks for reading and sharing,

The Troubled Free Thinker

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