Quick Rant: Partisan Politics

The below video is one I came across in the soul draining abyss of Facebook. It is just another example of the fact that our government has devolved entirely to ONLY playing Partisan Politics. Each party, and their followers, will happily support their party doing the exact same things they will condemn their opposition for doing solely based on their party claim. It continues to express the extreme level of hypocrisy present in politics, driven solely by partisanism and not by morals or ethics. Support the wall when a democrat pushes it, condemn it when a Republican pushes it. Condemn drone strikes/bombing foreigners and war mongering when a Republican is doing it, but turn a blind eye when a Democrat is doing even more of both. On the other end, ignore tax increases and wasteful spending when a Republican does it, but then condemn a Democrat for the same thing. It is time to dismantle both major parties and start focusing on the content and the principles not what letter they have beside their name.

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