Quick Rant: Thanks Obama!

Based on the last 8 years of Presidential power grabbing, I can't wait to blame Obama for the next four to eight years of awful decisions, made by Trump, that he was only able to make based on the tyrannical expansion of presidential power established by the Obama administration. We can start with approval of the Keystone XL, DAPL, the immigration ban, and the wall.... Thanks Obama!

(Caveat #1: I support the withdrawal from TPP, the reinstatement of The Mexico City Policy, and the repeal of Obamacare, I just do not believe one person should have the power to unilaterally make these decisions for the country; Caveat #2: I am pro-choice, but support The Mexico City policy based on the fact that I believe tax dollars should not be used to fund international or domestic private or non-profit organizations).

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