The Insane Hypocrisy of the “Anti-Fascist” Movement

Fighting Fascism with… Fascism

First of all, let me start off by saying I am also entirely anti-Fascism. As a libertarian, Fascism is at the opposite end of the spectrum and completely counter everything we stand for. I believe in equality for all humans and universally applicable unalienable personal freedoms. I am also anti-Nazi, as that is a racist, ignorant, and morally bankrupt ideology. But I also support the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), which simplistically broken down is the idea that violence is only moral in defense, never offense, especially when applied to the oppression of the rights of others. Obviously there is more to NAP, but that is the quick version to get this post rolling.

Yesterday, I stumbled across a “progressive” extremist glorifying the assault of known American white nationalist and “alt-right” voice. Though I completely and utterly disagree with this awful man’s ideology, I found incredibly ironic that the “anti-Fascism” movement applying violence to suppress a different opinion. Within this video, one person preached Fascism and one person applied it, only one’s rights were protected and that is the speech. We all are guaranteed the same rights as humans, regardless of how distasteful or hateful the opinion is, as words alone NEVER equate to violence. And let me also clarify, words in the form of Leadership, where those words directly guide violence (such as Hitler, Charles Manson, etc…) are not words alone and constitute aggression; defensive violence is then morally justified. Words that may ambiguously or indirectly influence action or violence are still protected. Examples would be words in the Bible, the Quran, in any following, or preached by an ideological voice that don’t guide or direct people to violence but may be used by other ignorant people to “justify” violence.

Here is the simple methodology I used to justify my assertion that this movement is in fact applying Fascism. Fascism is commonly defined as nationalistic and authoritarian. Within in this “anti-Fascist” ideology, the “Nation” is those who share their ideology. If you disagree with the ideology of their “nation” then they are willing to use authoritarian traits such as oppression through force, violence, or harassment to silence or degrade that opposing opinion. Those traits clearly and definitively take on Totalitarian and Fascist forms. Hence the irony of the anti-Fascist movement. Their tactics and violence can be easily related to those of, again incredibly ironically, the Sturmabteilung of 1920s and 30s Germany.

Punching People, the Counter-productive Tactic

Followers of this movement claim that their violent assaults are justified as preemptive defense. Essentially, the idea that they are “stopping the rise of Hitler through punching him and his followers in their faces”. The vacuous logic that somehow getting punched in the face is going to cause another ideological extremist to reevaluate their decisions and views, like Spencer would go home and be like, “you know, that kind of hurt, maybe they are right, I am going to be less of an asshole piece of shit, and start agreeing that Fascism and racism are wrong.” OR that somehow the rise of Hitler would have never happened if he got punched in the face. I am not even exaggerating; this is their mentality. Assault on speakers is not “fighting” against the growth of the racists ignorant movement on the other side, if anything, it is just compounding why they think the way they do, gaining them more support, and further concreating their beliefs, only now they are angrier and more likely to retaliate with violence. See how this action is entirely counter-productive? Fighting the growth of an ideology can only be done through educating people, logically addressing the points and countering them, as ideology is intangible, roots much deeper than a person, and is either immune to or feeds off of violence (reference Daesh, Al Qaeda, and other Islamic Extremist groups). Punching people with that ideology doesn’t make the ideology weaker or less likely to grow, but educating people to resist the ideology INTERNALLY will prevent its growth, as then it loses support or fails to plant seeds in potential followers.

Finally, what happens when the people getting punched elevate the violence and defend themselves? What if that defense is worse than just punching? This will not ever slow down the growth of an awful movement, but only amplify the violence the anger, and the destruction on both sides of the equation. Don’t be surprised if there is a wakeup call when the reaction surpasses the initial action. I honestly believe that much of this is truly violent people finding an outlet to express their violence, while attempting to give it the façade of a noble cause.

Attempting a Peaceful Discussion with Extremists

I made the mistake of attempting to engage in an intelligent conversation with this group of extremists with regards to the use of violence and moral justifications. As you could imagine, they were not receptive, reasonable, or logical people en masse. It was essentially mob mentality, with multiple people sending messages filled entirely with baseless insults with virtually no intelligent or intelligible content, just hate, hate for me, because I condemned the use of aggressive violence to oppress opinion. I was called a Nazi sympathizer over and over, I got called a white supremacist, was told to “fuck off back to my whiteness,” called Neville Chamberlain, told to “get off my fucking planet,” called an “ignorant fuck,” told that NAP is a joke for cowards, that "people like me" are what allowed Hitler to gain power by standing idly by while they used their words to gain support until they were big enough to apply aggression without consequence… because I explained the idea of universal nonviolence, of using violence only to defend yourself and your property. Let that sink in… I was verbally attacked, ONLY because I suggested a nonviolent approach… And that is just a small portion of the awful things these people said, luckily words don’t offend me and I can go about my day unaffected; Or I would have to borrow some tissue and find someone wearing a safety pin, wait, the people wearing the safety pins are these same people… more irony?

The concepts of introspection or personal accountability are virtually absent from this ideology. The tyrannical and forceful approach to them pushing their ideology is exactly why they are meeting a greater level of resistance. I like to use the example of Newton’s Third Law of Motion being applied to society. For those who haven’t been in a physics class lately, this is the theory that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. Applying it in this sect of society, they use extreme values, violence, and a lack of peaceful or reasonable conversation to force their view, which creates a reaction in the opposite direction ideologically; which directly supported the reasoning for Trump being elected. All these methods do is cause people to ignore their cause, ignore their real points when they have them, ignore their demands or wishes, and resist them. Which truly is a shame, because I entirely agree with an anti-Fascist ideology, I agree with many of their real points (when they actually apply them), but that is all overly saturated in baseless insults, verbal aggression, mob mentality, and violence.

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The Troubled Free Thinker

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