The Trump Wall

Paid for Through Mexico's Economy?

In light of Ford, Carrier and Fiat Chrysler withdrawing investments from Mexico, based on Trump negotiations, am I the only one who sees the "self-licking ice-cream cone" situation of this idea? I too am all for products “Made in the U.S.A.,” but job creation in Mexico would actually reduce the power of the cartels, reduce the need or desire to immigrate in the first place, and inherently create a more secure border anyway. So pulling money out of the Mexican economy, “to pay for the wall,” will just influence those seeking illegal immigration to acquire a taller latter, better climbing skills, or continue to use tunnels UNDER the wall. Essentially, the best way to secure the border is to stabilize the country whose border with us is in question.

The Logic and Solution

So, we prevent a 100 jobs from being created in Mexico, to pull money from the Mexican economy to build the wall, then that ensures 100 more unemployed Mexicans in Mexico. Many of those unemployed Mexicans, out of desperation will either illegally immigrate to the United States to look for work OR join the cartels for income (which all ultimately continues to increase cartel power). The wall won't prevent any of that... As far as preventing smuggling goes, the cartels have already been using tunnels for decades, you can still tunnel under a $25 billion wall. So the wall just provides a façade of security, but not actual security. There are currently mass expanses of the border that already have a fence/wall, and those who Trump supporters seek to restrict, will continue to work their way over or under it. The solution isn't a physical attempt at isolation, but stabilizing and reducing the need or benefit of immigrating or continuing a brutal drug war. How? In short, allow their economy to grow, don’t actively destroy it... that, coupled with decriminalizing drugs in the United States, allowing them to be manufactured, used, and sold safely and legally. Then the outcome is an economically stable Mexico, weak/dissolved cartels, which all lead directly to a secure border, significantly less illegal immigration, and significantly less illegal drug smuggling. I am all about stabilizing our economy first and for most, but a wall isn't going to help with that. I am sure $25 billion USD not spent on a wall could be used much more effectively to help boost the economy (stimulus through tax cuts maybe?). I am by no means suggesting actively building Mexico's economy before our own, I am merely saying implementing Protectionist policies that harm Mexico's economy and stunt the growth of our own, will not serve as a solution to the issue. The Wall is to Trump supporters as Gun Control is to Liberals

“The wall" is the Trump supporters "Gun Control.” An issue they are very attached to but only the façade of a solution looking only surface deep. I like to use the analogy of painting over asbestos for both issues. You can slap another layer of paint over an asbestos wall, but in the end the asbestos is still there, you just FEEL safer. The same goes for both gun control and the wall, it is a layer of paint over the asbestos. I understand the surface reason that people are attached to the issue, like gun control, but if I have one purpose on this earth it is to help people think deeper and critically about issues. That is why I push to look deeper at these issues. The Wall will do nothing to improve our security, our economy, reduce illegal immigration, smuggling, or anything more than just giving Trump supporters a false “warm and fuzzy,” just as gun control will do nothing to reduce murder, violence, crime, or mass shootings or anything more than giving Liberals a false “warm and fuzzy.” Back to the asbestos, the real solution is going to the route of the cause, the asbestos board, and creating a solution at the source. In the analogy that would be removing the asbestos boards and disposing of them safely, not just painting over them. I already highlighted the solution for immigration above, that is targeting the roots of this issue.

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The Troubled Free Thinker

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