Quick Rant: Is the outgoing Obama administration sabotaging America's future?

Has anyone else noticed the Obama administration is blatantly trying to sabotage the United States in their last few weeks/months in office? I say "United States," instead of Trump, because it is the people of the United States that suffer most from this childish petty feud between Democrats and Republicans. This sabotage is coming in the form of destroying foreign relations (Russia and Israel), constantly fueling division (social, racial, and cultural), and essentially dumping abounding amounts of gasoline on virtually every fire burning that has a relation to the United States, both internally and externally. It seems to be this petty mentality that, because the Democrats are so upset with Trump’s victory, they (Obama administration and other Democrats) want to do everything in their power to make Trump’s job difficult once he takes over. What does this demonstrate? That the aforementioned are so caught up in self-interests and extreme partisan politics that they are willing to sacrifice the well-being of the people to execute schoolyard level trivial actions (with global implications), just to drive difficulty into the heart of the next administration by creating a global mess they are forced to clean up. This reminds me of two giant monsters, like Godzilla and Mechagodzilla, battling in a city, with zero regard for whose house they step on, what business they destroy, whose life they ruin, because all of those millions of people in that city are insignificant and just numbers to these two giant beasts. Only in the real scenario, the "city" is the world, the two monsters are the Democrats and the Republicans/Trump (because we all know he is not really a republican, but the support still exists). With just weeks left until Trump takes over, how much damage will be done before then? WE, THE INHABITANTS OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE WORLD, SUFFER FROM THIS, NOT TRUMP!

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